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Back number - 水平線

偶遇了这首治愈的歌。 Youtube player containerBack number - 水平線 一开始看到 MV 我还在想真是很省经费。但从主角收伞的那一刻就变得有趣(有趣?)起来了。一开始一直是被画面吸引,但注意到歌词后就有点被击中的感觉。


一开始我是被 PV 吸引了。有点意思,我想。女主有点酷;虽然 PV 完全意味不明,但是就是很戳。大概是因为色彩主题和几分前卫的内容。 第一集看下来,女主(似乎中文翻译应该是叫夏目?)果然很酷,而且穿
最近看魔法记录,一不小心倒把小圆从头看了一遍。 感触还是很深。记在另一篇里了。 本篇想讲的,是魔法记录前三集的观感。 画面说得过去,比较想说的是分镜演出。 魔法记录的分镜演出似乎试图走意识流路线
Tic-Tac-Toe Online Server Base on the Tic-Tac-Toe Game of CS188, Berkeley, I develop an online version of Tic-Tac-Toe. Now your agent can play with my agent online! I think it is a good way to check whether our agents are optimal
The Question Fish eating fruit on jisuanke Given an undirected acyclic graph G, all possible path P in the graph, calculate: The first taste In the contest, a handsome foriegn teammate conviced me that this problem can be solve using LCA. I tried. And it
Overview Regions with CNN features: Efficient Graph Based Image Segmentation use disjoint set to speed up merge operation Selective Search HOG (Histogram of Oriented Gradient) Multiple criterions (color, texture, size, shape) to merge regions AlexNet/VGG16 R-CNN Notice that many
Useful Materials Distinctive Image Features from Scale-Invariant Keypoints[1] by David G. Lowe. SIFT(Scale-Invariant Feature Transform)[2] on Towards Data Science. The SIFT (Scale Invariant Feature Transform) Detector and Descriptor[3]. Notes Uses DoG (Difference
Types of Noise Additive noise Additive noise is independent from image signal. The image g with nosie can be considered as the sum of ideal image f and noise n.[1] Multiplicative noise Multifplicative noise is often dependent on image signal. The relation of image and

Greek Alphabet

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