First Yuki

First Yuki

Donny Donny 𝄡.
January 1, 2019
January 29, 2020

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First Snow

Yesterday (2018-12-31), I was waked up by my roommate from my approximately 4-hours-sleep after coding for a day and a night. It was snowing heavily outside. Though I can barely hold my eyes open, I went out of the bed and entered the balcony. I was freezed. But I saw snow everywhere, even on the balcony. I could not believe my eyes. It was such a magnificent view, just like what I had seen in pictures or movies before, but somewhat different. There were something that can not be written in words, like feeling and atmosphere. Snow, unlike rain, was clean and fluffy. It warmed my heart though I knew it was cold. I could not help but stretch out my arm to touch the snow on the balcony. It was soft, like feathers, and a bit cold. I threw it outside and watched it falling. A long-term dream finally came true.


My roommate and I, went outside to enjoy the snow, (although we were heading to the power management building in fact because we had ran out of electricity last night). The snow is clean and unexplored, like a hidden treasure. We threw snow over each other while enjoying the beauty of the snow. We did not need an umbrella cause the snow did not wet us. After we payed the electricity bill, we went to the playground and made a snowman. I packed a snowball, and rolled it along the ground with my roommate to increase its size. It was not round at all, but at least it was big enough as the bottom part of a snowman. I repeated the process and made a smaller part as the head. At last, we decorated it. We had to use the electricity billing paper because we did not have any other material. It was very ugly, but it was my first snowman. We returned to our dormitary after we made the snowman.

Woods in Snow

Unexpected Beauty

Later at noon, I went out again to fetch a delivery package (Liz and the blue bird BD Limited Edition), and I walked to the park near the fifth carteen, taking pictures all the way. I did not remember having ever been to the park before. I saw a pavilion covered by snow and surrounded by woods in the park. The woods were covered by snow too. When I went to the playground to look for the snowman we made, it was gone. A little bit pity, but I decided to leave it and took photos of other people enjoying themselve in the snow in the playground. On my way back, I made up my mind to make a small snowman, in a place where many small snowman had been made. I tried my best, and made a swordsman at length. Although it might not be as cute as the others, and was far from perfect, I was quite satisfied despite the fact that I was almost freezed.

Pavilion in Snow


However, on my way back, I noticed that the snow on the road became dirty as people walked on it and cars ran over it. Pure as snow is, it will be dirtied by mud. I was a bit disappointed and upset.