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February 9, 2018
July 22, 2020

Tags in blue are handcrafted tags; Tags in green are generated using AutoTag.


06-14 Kagari v0.7.7

  • Implement "Comfort", "Compact" and "Simple" list styles for lists pages.
  • Implement "Abstract" for post-previewer in lists pages.
  • Redesign "postbanner".
  • Implement "WordsCount" and "License" for "postbanner-info".
  • Enhance the performance of posts-editing.
  • Implement "Auto adjust" for adjusting the height of "slide-cards" according to the current card.
  • Enhance privacy.
  • Implement "postbanner-pagehits".

03-28 Kagari v0.7.6

  • Implement Container for Image.
  • Enhance the login system.
  • Try to speed up posts creating and editing.
  • Force re-validate for sensitive pages.
  • Fix spawning multiple tweets when switching back to Safari due to the color scheme changed event being triggered multiple times on iOS.
  • Instant reload now supports instant configurations reload.
  • Implement "Delete Assets" in editor mode.
  • Image Detail now use "canvas" instead of "img" to save loading. The fading effects are also adjusted to animate starting from the position of the original image.
  • Implement "Rename Assets" in editor mode.
  • Implement "Appear offsets" options for "post-previewer".

03-25 Kagari v0.7.5

  • Implement "Hot reload".
  • Fix Auto-Gen tags reload problem.
  • Implement an editor for tags.
  • Implement functionality to collapse and to expand edit tools icons.
  • Implement Files Upload in editor mode.
  • Instant reloads now supports instant plugins reload.
  • Implement Assets Explorer in editor mode.
  • Implement backward versions support for AssetsVersionControl.
  • Implement reloadTemplate for "pages-generator".
  • Fix an issue that source editing of the selected is not working on safari.
  • Fix an issue that twitter-tweet is not loaded on safari.
  • Implement "Pull-data" functionality.

03-02 Kagari v0.7.4

  • Implement "The End of List" hint.
  • Implement an editor for the poster.
  • Fix bugs of PostEditor plugin.
  • Enhance the "disable scrolling" functionality.
  • Enhance the login system.
  • Implement triggers of "privilege mode", "copyright-footer", "extension-code" and "extension-latex".
  • Implement "Twitter-tweet" media extension.
  • Implement "slide-cards" custom container for "markdown-it".
  • Fix bugs of PostEditor Markdown Editor.
  • Implement Version Indicator for js and css files.

02-19 Kagari v0.7.3

  • Implement "NewPost" plugin. New posts can be created from lists pages.
  • Integrate "ListsGenerator", "DataTranslator", "PagesGenerator" and "PagesRouter" into kagaribase.utils.

02-10 Kagari v0.7.2

  • Implement "post2md" based on "turndown".
  • Implement "PostEditor". Implement "HTML editing mode" & "Markdown editing mode".
  • Implement section editing for "PostEditor". Press Ctrl+m to edit a top level section.
  • Implement "youtube-player" media extension.

01-30 Kagari v0.7.1

  • Add "All rights reserved" copyright for "Copyright Footer" plugin.
  • Balance security and flexibility.
  • Implement "Virtual Category" plugin.
  • Add "Scroll Hint" in AthenaTheme.
  • Add category info to "PostPreviewer".
  • Add "More in Archive" Button in Homepage plugin.
  • Polish Homepage.
  • Add Cache-Control.
  • Rearrange framework elements; move ".bodycontainer" to just in front of ".delayed-head".
  • Respect cookie.

01-29 Kagari v0.7.0

  • Remove "homecontainer".
  • Remove dependence of "menu" for "page-generator" and "page-router".
  • Remove "ListPage" and "PostPage" functionality from "framework", they now serve as plugins.
  • Refactor "config.css"; All theme colors are now determined by "--theme-color-main" and "--theme-color-secondary".
  • Fix "highlightCurrentTab" in "athena.js".
  • Implement "templatePagePreprocess" in "framework".
  • Implement "loadPlugins" in "kagaribase".
  • Implement "plugins.find" for searching plugins with given properties.
  • Implement "generateLatest" in "lists-generator".
  • Implement latest lists in Homepage plugin.

01-24 Kagari v0.6.9

  • Add background color to header; automatically fade out when scrolling down.
  • Add homepage.
  • Fix background image resizing problem on mobile devices due to autohiding of address bar.


11-21 Kagari v0.6.8

  • Add zoom effect when hovering above a post preview on list pages.
  • Overview the whole latex section if not hovered.
  • Implemented "Dark Theme".
  • Add Disqus.

03-12 Kagari v0.6.6

  • Implemented "AutoTag" — a plugin that automatically generates tags for documents.
  • Add footnote plugin for markdown posts (md2posts).
  • Add page attribute to kagari-data. Page now has two property — "title" and "url".
  • Add structed data, like "itemprop", "Open Graph", and the basic "name=", to every page.
  • Add quote reference plugin for markdown posts (md2posts).
  • Reduce padding in "postContainer".

03-03 Kagari v0.6.5

  • Upgraded the plugins system; Plugins now available for "posts" pages and "lists" pages.
  • Make "AutoReload for scripts and links" a plugin.
  • Change plugins's "option" property to "name" property.
  • Implemented plugins target feature.
    Use Plugins.get(target) to get plugins of a certain target, e.g. "posts", "lists", "preprocessing", "postprocessing".
  • Implemented user configuration for plugins.
    e.g. Settings.plugins = { "autoreload": { disabled: true } } will disable the plugin named "autoreload".

03-01 Kagari v0.6.4

  • Implemented "Vertical Table" and "Media Extension" for markdown interpretation.
  • Implemented outline mode for present list; Click "yearbanner" to collapse all "yearcontainer".
  • Implemented auto-hide feature for "scroll-to-top-btn".
  • Polished User Interface.

02-12 Kagari v0.6.3

  • Introduced friends' link page.
  • Change "header" style.
  • Change "postcontrolpanel" transition effect.

02-03 Kagari v0.6.2.2

  • Added the user's avatar to "postbanner".
  • Added click effect for the user's avatar in "postbanner".

01-31 Kagari v0.6.2

  • Fixed the bug that all files in the directory of every post were routed.
  • Moved "framework.js" to "theme/".
  • Moved theme plugins to "theme/plugins".
  • Introduced "plugins-loader".
  • Added explanation text for no-found page and unauthorized page.

01-31 Kagari v0.6.1

  • Cache special pages while generating pages.
  • Added cache-control.

01-30 Kagari v0.6.0

  • Redesigned in and out transition for ".menubar".
  • Redesigned "postbanner" for universal posts.
  • Implemented "tags-view" for "post-previewer" and "postbanner".
  • Use NiceScroll for desktop environment for ".menubar .middlepanel" and for ".postpreviewer .posttags".
  • Support native scrolling for Android and iOS.

01-26 Kagari v0.5.9

  • Support multi-users.
  • Determine user by environment variable "kagari_current_user", instead of by argument "--kagari-user".
  • Changed the transition of menubar from "easy-out" to "In - Back, Out - Back".
  • Fixed backgrounds loading logic.

01-25 Kagari v0.5.8

  • Implemented "theme" modules.
  • Generate user's backgrounds config automatically.
  • Load backgrounds according to the ratio of screen - landscape or portrait.
  • Moved fonts to "assets/fonts/".
  • Refactored kbase.kaddr.

01-07 Kagari v0.5.6

  • Adjusted the architecture, move all core files to "woods/earth/", move all generating or routing or parsing files to "woods".
  • Moved "preconfig.js" to "data". Loading users' settings by "config-loader".
  • Refactored external module "link-counter".


12-28 Kagari v0.5.4

  • Adjust the architecture to three modules, "program", "assets", and "data".
  • Implemented generator for tags.
  • Implemented auto-update tags page.
  • Gather all kagari actions into one script - "kagari-mgr".

12-27 Kagari v0.5.3

  • Identify posts using an unique id.
  • Adapted module "upload" and "md2post" for the new architecture.
  • Implemented mapping for links of

12-26 Kagari v0.5.2

  • Rename kagariblog.cates to
  • Add auto-complete for name and url to
  • Extract list-container and post-previewer of category-page as models.
  • Isolate module CategoryPage.
  • Add sperator and trigger type in
  • Implemented foldability for menu item.

12-25 Kagari v0.5.0

  • Refactor; Organize posts by date only instead of category-date.
  • Introduce archive where all posts are organized by date.
  • Implemented category view.
  • Create directory reflection of blogdata, blogposts, bloglists and blogassets in blog settings.
  • Gather html model files to "assets/models/".
  • Add sperators in the menu.

12-24 Kagari v0.4.3

  • Small beautification on UI
  • Merge assets directories "assets/" and "kagari/".
  • Merge directories "assets/", "blogs/", "users/", "about/", "pages/" into directories "data/".
  • Rename "blogs/" to "posts/".

11-28 Kagari v0.4.1

  • Design a custom music control for mobile.
  • Fix the background image displacement on mobile.
  • Add tiny space to main container on mobile pages.
  • Add <viewport> and adjust css design for responsive presentation.
  • Shrink space in ".mainbodycontainer" on middle screen.
  • Stretch headlines and images in universal posts to full width of ".mainbodycontainer".

11-26 Kagari v0.3.5

  • Prevent scrolling when viewing image detail
  • Add boder to code blocks
  • Add persistent reload for css, font and js
  • Refactor, break down pagesgenerator into pages-generator and pages-router. Now pages are rendered and generated into html on disk first, and then the html files will be delivered when requested.
  • Highlight corresponding category tab in post pages.

08-25 Kagari v0.3.0

  • Refactor
  • Isolate modules CopyrightFooter, HighLightCode, MathJax to plugins.
  • Isolate kernel modules kagari-base, kagaridata-translator, framework, special-pages to woods.
  • Add scenario 'stealthy', which allows visiting page without adding pagehit.
  • Improve functionality of kagaridata-translator. Construct data parse tree. Remove class 'kagari-data' specifier. Only need attribute 'kagari-data' to parse data now.
  • Zoom latex block of TexLive.

08-20 Kagari v0.2.8

  • Change styles of headlines in universal posts.
  • Add style to backquote in universal posts.

07-07 Kagari v0.2.7

  • Add Poster on top of each post
  • Develop tool to convert images to be interlaced
  • Fix bugs in athena.js
  • Display poster in list view while loading

04-27 Kagari v0.2.6

  • Beautify for mobile(phone) view
  • Create css files for unauthorized page and no-found page
  • Adapt multi-user support

04-26 Kagari v0.2.5

  • Beautify scroll-to-top button
  • Add style to table in universal posts
  • Add transition to post-control-panel on switching
  • Add image-detail viewer


01-11 Kagari v0.2.2

  • Add catalog

10-12 Kagari v0.2.0 Refactor

  • Refact from Stream Blogs

10-13 Stream Blogs v0.1.7

  • Beautify UI
  • Add Pagehits
  • New background settings

10-08 Stream Blogs v0.1.64

  • Beautify UI
  • Add background
  • Fix avatar mode switch
  • Make "New Post" smarter
  • Embedded postinfo in lists
  • Add "Category" and "Links"

04-19 Stream Blogs v0.1.59

  • Complete new post function

03-03 Stream Blogs v0.1.58

  • Add new post function
  • Add scroll to top function
  • Seperate styles of different modules into different css
  • Some beautify
  • Dynamically load javascripts in posts

01-25 Stream Blogs v0.1.0

  • Stream Blog was introduced for the first time.


10-09 Draft Blog v0.0.1

  • Draft of blog comes to being.
  • First posts on plain html.